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Abbey's Treasures, Inc.
Ara and Abbey Hacobian
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Burbank, Ca. 91503
Phone: (818) 388-7474
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Arizona "Sleeping Beauty" Turquoise

Abbeys Treasures specializes in Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which is mined in Globe, Arizona.  USA.  Globe is located about 90 miles northeast of Phoenix Az.  We carry all shapes and sizes of strands and beads.  Such as long drills, chips, flats, nuggets, discs and of coarse round Beads.

We also carry the calibrated cabochons of the Sleeping Beauty.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

Other than Sleeping Beauty we also carry Kingman Turquoise in free form cabs and small strands.  The color is usually greener and the polish is very nice.  Most of the Kingman free form cabs have unbelievable matrex patterns.

All of our Turquoise is Zachary treated, which is a process that is GIA certified Natural Turquoise because nothing is added to the stones, no dyes, injections, colors etc.  The rough is sent through an electric process (imagine a microwave) and the color will never change. 


Natural Sleeping beauty beads, 18 inches. Various sizes.


Natural Sleeping beauty free form cabs, various sizes.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise cabochons, large size ovals, mix lot.


Sleeping Beauty Large nuggets drilled top to bottom and large flats center drilled.


Sleeping Beauty tear drops, top drilled various sizes such as these 13x18mm, and 8x30mm.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 8mm to 10mm long drills, drilled lengthwise. From top to bottom.


Sleeping Beauty discs center drilled, tubes and large flat nuggets drilled top to bottom.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise discs 5mm, 6mm, center drilled 18 inches.